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5 Tips for Staying Organized This Holiday Season

The end of the year is a joyous time for the upcoming holiday season and the New Year on the horizon. We tend to sometimes forget that this season is truly all about spending quality time with loved ones and fall into a stress trap. There can be so much going on all at one that we find it hard to juggle all of our tasks and the pressure can get the best of us. Take simple steps to become as organized as possible so your holiday season can be spent with friends and family, as it should be!



Make a list of everything! There can be so much going on between holiday parties, gift giving, baking, etc. Making a list will ensure that you wont forget anything! Breakdown any tasks that need to be done or reminders as much as possible. For example, when creating a grocery list write the food or baked good you are anticipating to make then underneath that list all the ingredients.



Hold yourself accountable by creating a timeline of when you would like to get things done. Keeping a daily planner or calendar is extremely helpful. When you set deadlines for yourself ahead of time you are less likely to become stressed when certain events or obligations get closer. For example, if you plan on traveling this holiday season write out a timeline:


Confirm dates of trip with all people involved 11/25

Book Flight and hotel by 12/1

Arrange transportation from airport by 12/5

Make any last minute purchases for the trip by 12/16

Pack luggage by 12/20

Leave for trip 12/22



A huge part of staying organized is maintaining a neat environment. If your surroundings are a mess, that can affect your mood and productivity. Placing labels is extremely helpful! With the holidays comes a lot of gift giving. Avoid the mix up of gifts or forgetting where you hid them from family members by clearly labeling wrapped gifts and designating a spot for all your gifts. Make an effort every day to tidy up a little and you will thank yourself later on!


Stay calm and stay organized this holiday season and remember what is really important. Afford-A-Potty would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!

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