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How To Beautify Portable Restrooms For Your Wedding

Weddings are a sacred tradition all around the world and are one of the most exciting and stressful events to plan. The location of your wedding is one of the most crucial parts of planning your wedding. Planning an outdoor wedding comes with its pros and cons. You have to prepare yourself for inclement weather, bugs, and even proper portable restroom facilities. Here are ways you can add elegance to your portable restrooms to match your wedding aesthetics.


Decorate the outside of the portable restroom

Who says you can’t add flair to your porta potties? You can add ribbons and flowers to the outside of the porta potty to match the colors of the wedding or you can also create a lush pathway to the porta potty lined with plants and lights guiding your guests to the facilities. If you are renting multiple units, you can designate women and men’s porta-potties with decorative signs.


Don’t forget the inside of the portable restroom

Why not decorate the inside of the porta potty by adding some scented flameless candles or potpourri to keep the portable restroom smelling refreshing at all times. You can even add a personal touch to the porta potty by hanging up some pictures of the happy couple to be, colorful flowers and a basket full of towels for the guests.


Make a refreshments table

Create a refreshments table outside of the portable restrooms for your guests. Have a basket filled with essentials that everyone is going to use throughout the whole day; hand sanitizer, mints, hairspray, lotions, perfumes and colognes, tissues and whatever else you want to add. Afford-A-Potty also offers hand-washing stations to better accommodate your guests.


Add mirrors 

Your guests will want to make sure that they look their best throughout the big day. Hang small mirrors on the inside and outside of the portable restroom that will allow them to touch up their hair or makeup.


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