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Benefits of Having Portable Restrooms At Your Event - Afford-A-Potty
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Benefits of Having Portable Restrooms At Your Event

There are several different things you have to take into consideration when planning an outdoor event. One of your main concerns is your guests and making sure to accommodate them the best you can. Providing an efficient amount of restrooms is extremely important. Here are the perks of having portable toilets at your outdoor event.

  • Portable Restrooms are more environmentally friendly to use than to allow your guests to use a toilet inside of a home or building. Porta potties are a great way to conserve water. The current federal standard for toilets allows for 1.6 gallons of water per flush (EPA). Portable restrooms use about 2% less water than traditional toilets.


  • When you’re planning a large outdoor event at your home, you don’t want your guests to be waiting in line to use the restroom, especially if there’s only one restroom. You want your guests to be enjoying their time, not having their concentration on when the restroom is going to be free. Renting porta potties will allow your guests to not have to wait to use the restrooms and have time to socialize with other guests.


  • The beauty of renting portable restrooms is that you don’t have to clean the facilities once you are done renting them. This allows you to focus on your event and not have to worry about the porta potties. Afford-A-Potty will give you polished portable restrooms and take care of the mess for you when picking up the rentals.


  • There are several different types of porta potties that you can rent for your outdoor event. You can choose to rent the standard restroom, deluxe facilities, wheelchair accessible or even a flushing porta potty. You can further accommodate your guests by also renting hand washing stations.


Afford-A-Potty commends themselves on being able to provide high-quality portable restroom rentals for all types of events and needs. Contact our professional team and let us get you the porta potty you need. Call 1-610-553-6020 today.


Reference: https://www.epa.gov/watersense/residential-toilets

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