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Fall Event Port-A-Potty Rentals

You never seem to notice how often you see a portable restroom. Portable restrooms are extremely necessary at a variety of fall events. The only way to be fully prepared for a large event is to have several portable restrooms ready for patrons! Here are some of the most common places you will see portable restrooms this fall.


Sporting Events

One of the best parts of the leaves changing color is the fall sports events that come with it. Football is one of the largest and most popular fall sports in the United States. Football games can attract up to 67,000 fans traveling hours to see their favorite team play. Football wouldn’t be football without tailgating. Portable Restrooms are absolutely necessary to accommodate all these fans waiting to get into the football stadium.



Fall is known for hosting several different beers, wine and cider festivals. Oktoberfest is one of the most popular festivals in the world and is celebrated throughout different countries. Portable restrooms are a necessity when hosting a large festival. Afford-a-Potty will take into consideration the demands of your event and find you the most efficient portable restrooms.


Fall Activities

There are some outdoor activities that you can only do in the fall such as pumpkin and apple picking. Local farmers open up their crop to the public and allow us to pick apples to eat and pumpkins to carve. These sacred fall activities bring people from all over together but don’t have permanent restroom facilities, which is where Afford-A-Potty comes in. Portable restrooms can be rented for long periods of time to accommodate larger events.


Camping and Hiking

The fall is one of the best seasons to explore the outdoors and see what nature has to offer. Many times, camping can last anywhere from one night to a few weeks. Campsite facilities can offer portable restrooms for those who are camping for an extended period of time. Portable restrooms are easy to clean and can sustain rain, cold weather and whatever nature has in store.


Haunted Houses

As the weather cools down and the crisp fall air is upon us, the holiday season begins, Halloween is one of the first holidays. With Halloween comes pop up haunted houses and mazes for all ages. At these events, nobody wants to spend his or her time in a long line for the restroom. Instead, having temporary Porta Pottie available will make for a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

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