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Feces in Fields Causing Disease

If you have been keeping up with the news recently then you may be aware that there has been an outbreak of E-coli. As of January 22, 2018, several people across both the United States and Canada have contracted this disease. In total there have been a least 2 reported deaths tied to E-coli. The source of the outbreak, a batch of tainted romaine lettuce. While it is currently unknown what caused the product to become contaminated, it is believed to have been caused by feces getting mixed in with the lettuce.

Feces in Fields

While it may seem weird to some people, it is not uncommon for vegetables on farms to come into contact will feces. Most of this problem comes from animals that find their way on to the fields. This can be due to birds flying in or over the area or even mammals like deer or rabbits getting over the fences. However, animals are not the only ones that go to the bathroom in the fields.

It has been reported that some farm workers, while tending to the fields, decide to squat among their vegetables and go number two. This was the case in 2015 when human feces was found causing contamination to fresh cilantro. In this case, the FDA had to ban the import of this product from certain farms in Mexico. when human feces was found causing contamination to fresh cilantro. In this case, the FDA had to ban the import of this product from certain farms in Mexico. The FDA believes that this tainted produce is to blame for the outbreak of stomach illness in 2013 and 2014. They also think that it caused the cyclospora parasite problem in 2015.

Why Do This?

While it seems weird that farmers are going to the bathroom in the fields there is a good reason why. The reason for this is that many farm owners don’t provide their workers with any type of restroom facility. On top of that many farms don’t have any nonproduct producing plants nearby to act as makeshift toilets. This leaves the workers with really no other choice but to go in the field. While it seems the fate of these farms might not look good there may be one thing that can save them. A port a potty. By renting a few port a potties and placing them near their fields, farm owners can solve all their problems. With these restrooms present, field workers will no longer have to go to the bathroom in the fields. This will leave farms feces free and up to FDA standards.

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