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Importance of Sanitation for Portable Restrooms

One of the most important aspects that people look for when renting portable restrooms is how clean they are. No one wants to rent a portable restroom if it looks like it hasn’t been properly maintained. Proper maintenance is crucial for a long lifespan of a “Porta Potty.”


It’s extremely important to regularly maintain and clean your portable restrooms. Most portable restrooms are no larger than 4′ wide x 4′ deep x 7.5′ high. This is an extremely confined space that can allow bacteria to develop in the water and air. Every portable restroom should contain a blue liquid deodorizer, which is meant to help mask the smells that may be produced by a portable restroom. This deodorizer has biocides that inhibit the growth of odor-producing gram-positive bacteria, which are responsible for several different bad odors in our everyday life.


Not only is regulated cleaning of portable restrooms necessary but adding a hand washing station can immensely reduce the number of bacteria. Being conscious of washing your hands reduces the chance of colds and illnesses by 21%. Washing your hands can help prevent infections that can occur from people constantly touching their mouth, nose, and eyes without realizing they haven’t washed their hands. This is a direct way that germs can infiltrate the body and cause us to get sick.


If a hand washing station is not applicable to the porta potty, hand sanitizer pumps can easily be added. For efficient germ killing, you want to use a hand sanitizer that contains 60% or more alcohol. Anything less will likely not kill most of the germs on your hands.


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