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Port-a-Potty - What to rent and how many? - Afford-A-Potty
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Port-a-Potty – What to rent and how many?

Porta-A-Potty – What to rent and how many?

When considering renting a port-a-potty there are a number of questions to ask yourself to ensure you get the best portable restroom for your special event like… How many? What kind? Who am I renting these services for? Whether it’s a summer wedding, sporting event, winter festival, or corporate event you need to tailor your portable restroom to meet your exact needs.


What kind of Portable Restrooms should I use?

This is of course going to depend on where they are going to be used and for who. For a festival or large volume event, standard portable restrooms would be your best bet. These are single unit restrooms that provide the comfort and efficiency to serve attendees of your event. If your event has food and sanitation needs to be taken into consideration, we strongly recommend renting the portable handwashing stations that can be placed outside of your portable restroom units. A flushing portable restroom would be perfect for a small more upscale event like an outdoor wedding. This allows your guests to wash their hands in the unit. For large construction sites High Rise Construction portable restrooms allow you to move the units easily to any location on the job site. These are fully enclosed raised units and work well during the winter months. It is important to be mindful of all the user’s needs. Wheelchair accessible portable restrooms are larger in size and offer extra safety features to ensure the comfort for those with special needs.


How many?

It is important to order the right amount of portable restrooms to ensure that your users’ needs are met. Take into account the factors that will determine the perfect number of portable restrooms you will need.

How many people will be attending the event?

We advise that for every 50 people attending your event you get one port-a-potty.

How long will it last?

The longer the event the more frequent your portable restrooms will be used. For every hour your event is taking place add another portable restroom to your estimate.

Will there be alcohol served?

If alcohol is being served at your event we advise adding 10% more portable restrooms.

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