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Porta Potty Rentals – Who Knew?

Who knew? Who knew that renting portable restrooms could come with so many choices? When we think of portable restrooms or porta potties, most of us have experienced the single person, non-flushing unit with a noxious smell that triggers countless reactions leading us in to a battle of fight or flight. While this experience is real, it is also avoidable. There are many ways you can offer your guests a more pleasurable portable restroom experience. Ask yourself questions like; how many potties will be needed? What types of units will be suitable for your function? Including hand sanitizer or a portable hand washing station? Amount of time the units will be needed? If renting for an extended period of time, how often will the porta potty units be cleaned? These questions and many more are things you will need to consider when choosing which portable restroom is suitable for the needs of your special event.


How many portable restroom units you will need is probably the most important question you will be asked. Consider your answer carefully, keeping in mind not only the number of people expected to attend your event, but also things like; length of the event, how long you would like your guests to wait to use the facilities and whether you will be needing any wheelchair accessible units or any other guest accommodations that may need to be considered. When determining the quantity of portable restrooms needed, less is definitely not more.


Once you have determined the quantity of units needed, you can focus on what type of unit best suits your budget for the type of event you are organizing. If you are in need of a large number of unit’s chances are your budget will accommodate the most popular standard unit. These units can be equipped with hand sanitizer or in combinations with a portable hand washing stations and with a slight cost increase a flushable unit is available. If you have an unlimited budget or a need for only a few units, you may want to consider offering your guests an unexpected portable restroom experience. These larger units are geared towards looking and feeling like a “real” bathroom. With room to move around and sinks for hand washing, options such as wood floors and mirrors will make your guests portable restroom experience feel more like home.


Cleanliness is a major factor in the overall experience of using portable restrooms. With this in mind there are several important factors that should not be overlooked; the holding tank capacity of each unit and type of deodorizer to be used in holding tanks, along with a cleaning schedule for those who are renting units for an extended period of time. Keeping a strong focus on the cleanliness of the units will go al long way in changing your guests overall comfort with portable restroom use.


Carefully consider all your potty options, although portable restrooms may not be the most exciting thing on the party planning list, the success or failure of your event could very well hinge on the quantity and quality of the potties you choose. Our team of experts will help you make the best choices for your planning needs, contact us today by calling 610-553-6020.

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