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Reasons to Rent Construction Site Portable Toilets

Are you a home/business owner or the head of a construction company? Have you ever looked at a worksite and wondered why it takes so long to finish? This can be due to a number of different reasons, but one reason could be a lack of construction site portable toilets. Today we here at Afford-A-Potty want to take a look at some reasons why worksites should have a porta potty.

1. Increases Productivity

One of the biggest issues with not having construction site portable toilets is that workers have to leave the site every time they have to go to the bathroom. These longer trips cut into the time that these workers could be using to do their jobs. By adding a few bathroom facilities near the work site, productivity will increase.

2. Makes Clients Happier

When working with a client it may be tempting to have your workers use their bathrooms. This is not advisable because it is bound to make your client angry. After all, would you like strangers coming into your home and keeping you from using your bathroom? Or if you are a business owner would you want people to come and block your paying customers from using the facilities? If you answered no to these then it is probably a good idea to get a few porta potties for your site.

3.  Improve the Health of Your Workers and the Community

While some construction workers will opt to do the above, others will choose an unhealthy method. One of these methods is holding in their urine or feces until they are done for the day. This can cause some serious health issues to develop in your workers. Another unhealthy method of dealing with a worksite that has no bathroom is the workers relieve themselves on the ground. This can cause many health issues to arise in not only your workers but in the community as a whole. To fix these issue construction site portable toilets are a must.

4. Construction Site Portable Toilets are an OSHA Standard

In a previous blog, we talked about OSHA standards for workers and how it relates to porta potties. If you are interested in learning more about the subject click here.


If you are thinking of getting a few portable bathrooms for your worksite, then call Afford-A-Potty today. We are trained to handle all types of construction site portable toilets.

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