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Renting Toilets for Your Wedding? How to Dress Them Up

Portable restrooms are often a necessity at an outdoor wedding. But they don’t have to be boring or unattractive practicalities. With a little attention and creativity, you can turn rented toilet facilities into something in keeping with your dream day.

Not sure how to do that? Here are four things any bride or groom can do to upgrade rented facilities.

1. Make an Entrance

Create a beautiful or fun setting for the restrooms themselves. One of the easiest ways to do this is to rent a tent that you set up over and in front of the portable toilets. Then, decorate the tent itself in line with your wedding theme and style. You could string market lights and add a few industrial chic chairs or lamps for a casual, retro wedding. Add hay bales as seating at a rustic wedding. Or, fill the tent with flowers at a formal affair.

Designing an entrance for the restrooms also helps with their function. As the wedding proceeds into the night, you’ll likely need more lighting and pathways to the facilities. This way, you can add a solid floor and make the restrooms highly visible for safety.

2. Decorate the Restroom Itself

Just because the portable toilet is rented doesn’t mean you can’t make some temporary décor changes. Hang a stylized monogram on the interior walls or the doors of the rental units using temporary wall hangers. Or purchase additional flower bunches or a hanging display specifically to use in the bathroom.

Any bathroom décor for a rented unit should be approved by the rental company first, but there’s a lot you can do without harming anything. Temporary adhesive hanging systems allow you to hang ribbon-based decor on the walls or even string flowers from the ceiling. Fill the walls with photo lines to add some warmth and charm to the unit. Or use the urinal as a base for a large flower decoration that hides it completely.

3. Add Bathroom Baskets

Bathroom baskets provide a touch of class and luxury to any wedding bathroom facility. Bath baskets help you provide your guests with anything the portable toilet doesn’t come with. It might include practical items like a small first-aid kit, safety pins, double-sided tape, or lint rollers. You can also add luxury items such as high-quality lotions, an incense burner, or perfumes.

If your bridal party will use separate restroom facilities, focus the baskets on their particular needs or the more personal nature of your relationship with them. For example, the baskets could include Team Bride accessories, men’s shaving supplies, or flip-flops for when the ladies’ high heels become too much.

4. Separate Men’s and Ladies’ Rooms

Do you need more than one or two portable restrooms? Then mimic the traditional facilities at an indoor venue by placing the bathrooms in two back-to-back lines. Men’s rooms face one direction while ladies’ rooms face the other. Give each a separate decorated entrance designed for the needs and interests of different users.

Decorate the men’s rooms, for instance, with the colors of the groom’s cake or the male attendants’ clothing. Use softer, bridal accents for the ladies’ rooms. And be sure to add a convenient family restroom with a separate-facing entrance or its own tent covering so that everyone has easy access to comfortable facilities.

While the bathrooms aren’t the most romantic or exciting element of your outdoor wedding, they are some of the most important for guests and wedding parties alike. At Afford-A-Potty, you’ll find plenty of options for your big day’s restroom needs. Call or stop by today to learn more about our services.

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