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Saint Patrick’s Day

With Saint Patrick’s Day happening in a few days there is no better time to rent some porta potties. This holiday is used to honor Saint Patrick, who was credited with driving the “snakes” out of Irland. Originally held in Irland, the holiday spread throughout the world during 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays the day is synonymous with the color green, beer, four-leaf clovers, and leprechauns.

Many communities use this holiday in order to have events that celebrate their Irish inhabitants. With so much going on Saint Patrick’s Day there is a large need for porta potties. This is where Afford-A-Potty comes in. With one call to Afford-A-Potty, we take care of all of your porta potty needs.

Saint Patrick’s Day Parades

While many people in the country will hold small or block parties to celebrate this big day, other communities take it one step further. One of these places is Boston, Massachusetts. In Boston, around 1 million people show up each year in order watch the St. Patty’s Day parade. While this seems large it is only considered to be the third largest parade of its kind in the country. The largest parade is actually held in New York City, where it is estimated that around 2 million people are in attendance.  With so many people gathering to watch these and the large number of other parades that occur on this day it would definitely a good idea to rent a few porta potties. If you are a parade coordinator that is looking to hold one on Saint Patrick’s Day then we suggest you call Afford-A-Potty today.

Saint Patrick’s Day Events

Parades aren’t the only way that people celebrate this holiday. In Illinois, residents of Chicago pour dye into the Chicago River turning it a lovely shade of green. While the people of O’Neill, Nebraska paint the world’s largest shamrock and hold other events, such as a hypnotist show and dodgeball tournament.

Whether you plan on throwing a small block party or a large city-wide festival, having a few porta potties is a most. So don’t wait, contact Afford-A-Potty today for all your porta potty needs!

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