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How to Stay Healthy During the Colder Months

With colder weather coming that means holidays, time with family, and joyous events are on the horizon. Unfortunately, this also means cold and flu season is here too. Although only 10%-20% of Americans contract the flu every year, colds and other illnesses become very common in the winter months. Protect yourself the best you can by taking preventative actions to ensure your health.



The easiest and most effective way to keep yourself healthy is by washing your hands frequently and correctly. Without hesitation, we touch surfaces like door handles, telephones, and keyboards that are covered in germs that can cause illness. Remaining conscious of touching these surfaces and cleaning your hands appropriately afterward is now more important than ever. The best way to make sure your hands are as clean as possible is by lathering your hands with an antibacterial soap for at least twenty seconds, rinsing, and making sure you completely dry them.



Winter means holiday parties and shorter days but doesn’t so easily fall into the trap that so many others do during this time. We are now going to be inside a lot more but fight the urge to be lazy and stay active! Still make an effort to go to the gym, do at home yoga, or even take a lap around the office on your break, anything to get you up and moving.


Stay conscious of your diet during the holidays and even if you do indulge a little keep your portions in control.


This time of the year can be stressful; end of the year deadlines approaching, coordinating the holidays with families, and more. Stress can take a significant toll on your health. Stay organized, create plans and make sure you are still getting your full eight hours of sleep to stay the healthiest you.

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