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Super Bowl Party Planning Tips

Almost everyone who watches the big game is either hosting or attending a party so the competition is high and the pressure to impress your guests is on. Follow these party-planning tips so your event goes on without a hiccup and is all the talk amongst your friends.

Make An Invite list and Invite Attendees Early

As soon as the final two teams are determined everyone is scrambling to either plan a party or find a party to attend. If you plan on hosting a party make sure you plan as early in advance as you can and let everyone you want to attend know right away. By planning ahead you avoid the disappointment of having friends you wanted to attend already make prior commitments somewhere else.

Cook and Decorate To Match The Event

Attention to detail is extremely important when you want your event to stick out amongst the rest. The easiest way to decorate accordingly is to incorporate the team colors in everything; balloons, streamers, napkins, plates, and silverware. Cooking and baking to match your event will leave your guests impressed. Add white icing to some chocolate covered strawberries to look like the laces of a football or cut your watermelon into the shape of a football helmet. Matching your food and décor to your Super Bowl party will leave your guests smiling and impressed.

Keep The Party Moving With Games

Of course, the game can be enough entertainment for most attendees at your Super Bowl party but there can be some lulls in the night. Keep the enthusiasm high and the party going by adding in some football-related games. Print out Super Bowl trivia games for your friends to enjoy and to test their knowledge. You can also create the ever-popular Super Bowl pool and let your guests make their predictions on who will win the game and score throughout. You can make this game a friendly wager or just for fun, either way, attendees will enjoy the suspense that comes with every score of the game.

Whether you are watching the Super Bowl or not Afford-A-Potty hopes you have an enjoyable time with friends and family!

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