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How to Survive Fall Allergies

As the weather starts to get colder, it’s time to break out your scarves and jackets. Accompanied by the cold fall weather is the dreaded allergy season. There are several different ways to prevent the fall allergy attack. Follow these tips below and you will be able to avoid the constant sneezing and coughing.


Start Your Allergy Regiment Early


Most allergy medications are more effective when you take them before your symptoms start to occur. Talk with your local pharmacist about any over-the-counter antihistamines that’ll help your symptoms. If you find that none of the over-the-counter medications

aren’t working, visit your doctor or allergist for more specialized treatments.


Be Conscious Of Your Hygiene


Make sure that you are constantly washing your hands and being conscious of how often you are touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. These are gateways for bacteria and pollen to enter your body and cause you to start experiencing your allergy symptoms. It’s also very important to consistently wash your pillows, blankets, and clothing, as they will hold onto dust and pollen.


Dont Let The Outside Air In


Although you may want to let in that crisp fall air, your allergies will not thank you. Having your windows open allows for pollen and dust to enter your home. If you have pets, they could become exposed and develop allergies and respiratory symptoms as well. To reduce the number of allergens in your home, vacuum, and dust once or twice a week and add a dehumidifier to your home to help remove extra moisture from the air.


Watch What You Eat


Surprisingly enough, what you eat can have an impact on your allergies. Some fresh foods including watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers and zucchini have been known to affect ragweed allergy sufferers. During the fall season, the body’s immune system recognizes and essentially mistakes a plant protein in the food for pollen, and this irritant triggers what allergy specialists call a cross-reaction.


Be proactive this fall and prepare yourself properly for fall allergies.

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