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Wedding Portable Rental Tips

Did you just propose to the person of your dreams? If you said yes, then a congratulation is in order! With that out of the way, you probably have already started to make plans for the big day. With all the choices you have to make it is easy for something to fall through the cracks. One such thing that may be overlooked is ordering a few porta potties. If you are holding an indoor party then this won’t be an issue for you, but if the service is outside, then think again. Without a few portable toilets, you may find some of your guest squatting behind a tree or brush and we don’t want that. We realize that some people may be hesitant about putting one of these eyesores around, that’s why we created some wedding portable rental tips to help you out.

Afford-A-Potty’s Wedding Portable Rental Tips


Tip #1: Location is Key!

As we stated before porta potties can be an eyesore, especially when surrounded by all the other fancy decorations. In order to keep everything looking nice, we suggest placing your bathroom facility somewhere out of the way. By placing them in a secluded area of the event you can keep them from ruining the feel of the party. Having them in secluded areas will also help your guests have a little more private, which they will appreciate.


Tip #2: What Type Fits Your Need

While most people are familiar with the standard restroom model there are a number of other models to choose from. For a wedding, you may want to get a deluxe restroom. These units come with a sink and a spacious interior. They are also perfect for any tall guest who might be attending your event. If that model is not right for you there are a number of vip portable restrooms we can have delivered to you.


Tip #3: Beautify Your Porta Potty

In a previous blog, we talked about adding a few improvements to your porta potties. By dressing up these restrooms, you can get them to blend in perfectly with your wedding’s theme. Check out the article for more information.



Afford-A-Potty would like to once again congratulate all the happy couples who are about to wed. If you are looking to rent a porta john or two for your event then contact us today to get a quote!

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