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Winter Sports Safety Tips

Every winter millions around the country head outdoors to enjoy their favorite winter sports. Although these winter activities are loved by so many they can become dangerous if you don’t take the appropriate precautions. Follow these safety tips so you can enjoy your winter activities to the fullest.

Wear a Helmet

“Use your head to protect your head”. Whenever you are partaking in any type of risky winter activity such as skiing, snowboarding, or ice hockey the likelihood of falling is high. The easiest way to save yourself from the most dangerous injury one can get is by wearing a helmet. Of course, wearing a helmet won’t stop you from falling but it will protect your head from any life-changing injury. Ensuring that you have the correct size helmet is just as important as actually wearing one. Try on any new helmet before purchasing and shake your head around. If your helmet moves with your head and does not shake separately then it’s a perfect fit.

Dress accordingly

Although it may be freezing outside you can still break a sweat from winter sports. It’s important to dress your entire body in layers to keep your body temperature normal. Dressing in layers allows you to remove any clothing that has become damp from snow. A good pair of gloves and thick socks are also very important to wear to eliminate the risk of frostbite. If you aren’t already wearing a helmet while partaking in a winter sport, make sure you wear a hat that covers your ears.

Tell a friend

Don’t head down the slopes, trails or anywhere without letting someone know where you are going to be and when to expect you back. Even if you’re with a friend or group it’s important to still let someone know for everyone’s safety. While participating in a winter sport its unlikely you will bring any form of communication with you because of the probability of it being damaged. If you ever got lost or injured, having someone know where you are is extremely important so they can check on you if you do not return at the time you told them earlier. Afford-A-Potty hopes you enjoy the winter season by staying safe and having fun!

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