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California is home to the stars, and where you find the rich and the famous, you’ll likely find their fans! Renting through Afford-A-Potty is a smart way to make sure your guests are taken care of, and with all of the tourists in LA, an extra toilet or two might be a good idea.

California probably hosts more major events than any other state in the country! Between music festivals, concerts, rallies, and parties of all shapes and sizes; Afford-A-Potty has a lot of opportunities to shine here! We’ll make sure our portable toilets come to you, whether you’re on the sunny beach, or way out in the California Redwoods!

We’ll service any event, in any place, and with Afford-A-Potty, one call takes care of it all! Whether you’re a budding star, whose trailer is missing some of the more important features, or you’re throwing an entire music festival, Afford-A-Potty can handle events of any size! We even handle pickups and deliveries! With Afford-A-Potty, one call takes care of it all!

Southern California, Birthplace of  the Portable Toilet

Did you know California was the birthplace of the very first portable toilet? A man named Harvey Heather created the first chemical toilet, a portable toilet that used formaldehyde to suppress the odor. Men like Harvey Heather and Andy Gump were renting and selling potties in the 1950s all across southern California. Before these men, there were less popular attempts at portable toilets.

The navy had wooden boxes for long sea trips in WW2. These older wooden boxes aren’t considered porta potties by modern standards because they lacked any odor suppressing chemicals. These predecessors to the porta potty were also much heavier, and as a result, less portable.

Thanks to Harvey Heather, we have a much more pleasant portable toilet. Over the years, the chemicals have evolved beyond formaldehyde, and the toilets have become more portable. However, everyone still uses Harvey’s general design, making most porta potties instantly recognizable.

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