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In 1896, Utah became the 45th state to join the United States. Thought to be mostly desert, Utah is actually home to a multitude of different climates. The before mentioned desert only makes up about 33% of the state. Other than this, around 40% of the state is shrubsteppe, about 24% is mountains some of which is always covered in snow, and the last roughly 3% is made up of humid continental weather (cold winters and hot summers). With such varied climates, this state has something for everyone. This makes the state a perfect place to visit and live, and 3.051 million people would agree.

With so many people living and visiting this state a few extra bathrooms will definitely come in handy. Thankfully Utah has Afford-A-Potty. Whether you are in a sweltering desert or a frozen mountain or somewhere in between, we will be there to solve your portable toilet needs. With Afford-A-Potty wide variety of bathrooms, one call takes care of it all!

Utah Events

This state is not only home to a wide arrange of climates, but it is also home to a large selection of events as well. Looking to travel there during the winter, then you can attend Bear Lake Monster Winterfest. Want to be immersed in a winter wonderland? Then visit Thanksgiving Points’ Luminaria. If winter is not your time of year then maybe you will enjoy some of the events that occur during the warmer months. These include Kanab’s Amazing Earthfest and Capitol Reef’s Fall Harvest Scarecrow Festival.

Whether you prefer warmer events or colder events one thing is consistent and that is all of them need restrooms for their guests. That is where Afford-A-Potty comes in. With one call we will be there to help solve all of your portable toilet needs.

Hiking Through Utah

Utah is full of natural beauty just waiting for guests to explore. Some of these spots are located within the large number of national and state parks that are located in the state. One such park is the state’s first national park, Zion National Park, located near Springdale. This park is home to such beauties as Angels Landing and Kanarraville Falls. These are just a few of the natural wonders that dot this state.

Under normal circumstances, these sights would take your breath away, however, when nature calls that changes quickly. In order to keep these visitors happy and keep these sites beautiful, it may be a good idea to get a few portable toilets in the park. With one call to Afford-A-Potty, we will get you the restrooms your park deserves.

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